Matthew Mcclure


Hello! Thanks for taking the time to visit my site. My name is Matt McClure, and I'm a 3d Artist. While my strength in 3D leans toward modeling and sculpting (organic as well as inorganic), I'm also well versed in texturing and rigging. I recently picked up scripting in Maya (primarily with MEL at first, with some Python thrown in for variety), and am enjoying the change of pace. I'm a huge fan of fantasy and sci-fi, puzzles, board-games, and military sim fps games.

I have a solid foundation in classical fine art from my time spent at the University of Central Florida, where I earned my B.F.A. in the animation program. I don't shy from leadership roles, and have been known to train my coworkers on occasion.

My up-to-date resume' and recommendations can be found here:


  • Sculpting
  • Modeling
  • Texturing
  • Rigging
  • Scripting